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a woman and a small brindle dog

Stephanie & Walnut

"Before our training with Tayah, we tried a purely positive reinforcement approach with our very stubborn, dog reactive, high energy pup. While he would do some things for treats such as sitting, most of the time he wouldn’t listen at all even with high value, expensive treats which we may not always have on hand. Most of the time when asked to perform a command he’d give us a big middle finger and do what he wanted! Once Tayah showed us a balanced approach to training, got my dog to work for kibble (saving me so much money on expensive treats!!!) and how to include more structure and boundaries in our dog’s life, he is a new dog! He is able to relax in place rather than running rampant in the house, he puts himself in his crate on command, and is a pleasure to walk on leash. He accomplished more in 6 lessons than he has accomplished in the 8 months of owning him!!! We now have a great foundation for further training. Our last lesson, the dog who NEVER came back when asked even with the highest value of treats, was off leash heeling at a bustling park with Tayah. My mind was blown! Thank you Tayah for all you’ve done for Walnut and our family. I cannot recommend Tayah enough!"

a woman and a small chihuahua

Rebecca, Chandler, & Pumpkin

“Before Tayah, we had contacted multiple training companies who said that we would have to put our dog down due to his aggression. I was at the very end of my mental rope and Tayah pulled our family right back up! Our dog Pumpkin had bitten my husbands face (stitches needed), tried attacking family members, other dogs, didn’t listen to a word we said. We were living in fear in our own house from our 9lb. Chihuahua. He wouldn’t let us sit on our own couch! We did a Board & Train for a month and Pumpkin came back transformed. We were no longer scared to live with our dog. We respected each other and learned boundaries (both pumpkin and us!) It truly changed our lives. We now tell Pumpkin as a joke if he doesn’t behave he will go right back to ‘Miss Tayah’. Thank you for putting our family at ease and helping us coexist.”

a woman and a small scruffy dog

Katherin & Nugget

“Tayah has done wonders for us and our little scruffy pup, Nugget. Before working with her, Nugget was scared of EVERYTHING and would act out in a way that seemed aggressive. We couldn't go on walks without her pulling and lunging at other dogs, people, and strollers. After 3 weeks of training, she was a completely different dog! We can go on walks, even at Green Lake, without Nugget going nuts at everything and everybody. She seems more confident and calm about existing with her surroundings. I cannot express how grateful and happy we are to have had Nugget work with Tayah. It's been such an amazing experience, thank you so much Tayah for giving us tools and help to continue to grow a comfortable dog. I recommend Tayah to anybody and everybody!”

a woman and a shepherd mix

Cameron & Brandie

“Tayah is a blessing. I have a Belgian Malinois/GSD mix named Brandie and she is my task trained service dog. She started to exhibit some concerning behaviors like fear in public, and I was out of my depth in what I could do for her - that’s when I found Tayah! Because she was displaying a lot of insecurity and confidence issues, she customized an entire curriculum in order to build her confidence. I’m so grateful as she was never set up to fail, only to succeed in doing confidence exercises daily. Doing a board and train was an extremely difficult separation period BUT she made sure I got every picture, video, phone call, and update to make the experience better for me. If you are on the fence or are worried about making this step - choose Tayah to be your trainer. I have noticed a lasting impact and have noticeable results from their time together - and we continue to work on them!! You won’t be disappointed - only amazed at what Tayah can do. Thank you my dear for everything you’ve done for us!!” 

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