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Group Travel & Train

For our clients outside of Washington, we are offering a way for you and your community to learn from To The Point in your own city.

For each city, we look for 4-5 families needing assistance with various goals. Regression in reactivity, obedience conundrums, manners in the home or in public... you name it, we can problem solve it!

Each client will receive:

  • A (30) minute phone consultation + goal-setting session

  • (5) 1-hour, hands-on, one on one lessons 

  • 1 group lesson 

    Cost per client: $800
    4 client minimum
    Must be in a city with a major airport within 30 minutes

Exclusive Travel & Train

For our elite clientele, this concierge-style training opportunity brings customized, private training and management to your home, no matter the distance. 

This includes:

  • A 45 minute phone consultation + goal-setting session

  • Up to 2 weeks of private, individual training or caretaking for your dog

  • Daily updates while training

    Please contact for pricing.
    International travel available.
    Canine Au Pair services available.




Flight Nanny & Pet Au Pair

For clients looking for a trusted and experienced handler to assist in air travel for their pet, and for families looking to bring their pet while traveling but want the relief of a trustworthy trainer and caretaker alongside.


Please contact for pricing. 

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