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Tayah - Owner and Trainer

Growing up around an old English Pointer and numerous Deutsch Drahthaars bred for the field, working dogs have been an integral part of Tayah’s life, but she never thought it would become her biggest passion.

At 18, she adopted an adult Pit Bull/Rottweiler mix, Miso, who came with a handful of undesirable habits and traits. After trying several methods of training, hitting roadblocks, troubleshooting, and starting again, Miso became “the dog who started it all”. He was her radioactive spider bite into the world of dog training, and thus, a passion was born. With time. a passion for herding breeds, protections sports, and specialty training that pushes the limits of even the most well-versed trainers and their dogs, grew.

Since then, she has had one goal:
Help as many dogs as possible without sacrificing quality of care, build strong teamwork between the trainer and the client, and most importantly, help cultivate happy and healthy relationships between canines and their human counterparts.

Realizing that her Board & Train concept was consistently delivering results that were not reliant on clients sacrificing hours a day, for months at a time, she was able to create harmonious, happy dogs amidst our modern day high-paced lives by incorporating each family's dog into her own routine. Dogs were going home without the culture shock of large kennel facilities, clients were comfortable knowing their furry family members were being treated as one of her own, and their only job was to maintain the foundation she had curated and executed with precision.


After two years of happy clients regularly returning for boarding, maintenance, and more advanced programs, she noticed a pattern: 

Clients being so satisfied with our approach to training, that when they would relocate around the country, they would have a difficult time finding a trainer they could trust to deliver the same compassionate, reliable, and creative approach to their training. 

Thus, the Travel & Train concept was born.  

Tayah has been privileged to have learned what she knows from countless equally passionate friends and professionals through her own experiences as a client, continuing education programs, seminars, time contracted with other companies, collaborations with professional colleagues, as well as independent study.

A woman and a belgian malinois puppy
A woman with black hair and a black and tan dog
A woman with red hair and a senior pit bull type dog
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